Gray Hair, Body Image and Not Wasting Your Life.

I’m sure you recently saw the viral video of the You Tuber over at The Stay at Home Chef.  If you have not seen her video about the comment she received on her blog, then please watch it here, first, BUT don’t get all caught up in the yummy food yet, COME BACK!!
Ok…did you watch it? Now, let’s chat!
  1. EWWWW…People are mean!! Don’t be mean. The older I get the more I understand the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all!”   I have not always been kind with my words. I’m a product of a little phrase I’ve put together called, ‘California sarcasm’.  If you aren’t from around here, let me explain. California sarcasm is that sort of obnoxious way people say mean things to people, but in a super joking way so they can play it off as the other person being sensitive if someone gets upset. It’s generally harsh and grossly competitive. When I say competitive  I mean, once you get going this way people feel the need to one up each other until someone takes it too far. I was OFTEN the one who took it too far!  Don’t be sarcastic. Don’t be mean.  Be nice or be quiet and certain don’t type when you’re angry or critical!
  2. “I don’t have time to waste…”  Wake up world!! This is YOUR life and you only get ONE OF THEM!! Stop being critical of yourself and those around you and get busy about the Lord’s business. If you have so much time on your hands that you can even THINK about mean things to comment on people’s blogs, then I have to say…YOU ARE DOING LIFE WRONG!!    Now, I have a natural tendency to be critical, so I type this knowing how extremely difficult it can be to stay quiet.  Get noisy about the parts of life that matter!!  Stand up for Jesus Christ! Be bold in sharing the redeeming love of our Savior! Use your courage for good and not evil!
  3. Who you are is not defined by how you look!  We should know this because of how our bodies are constantly changing, but I think because we live in a culture so “self” focused we forget  the best part of us REALLY has nothing to do with how we look. I have known some BEAUtiful donkeys in my life time, as I’m sure have you. I’m 35 with gray hair and somewhere between chubby and fat at the moment and you know what?  I’ve never appreciated who God has made me more than I do today.  I’m constantly humbled by my failures and encouraged by His grace.  The mirror shouldn’t (though it still does occasionally) make us feel differently about ourselves.
  4. I cried the first time my husband pointed out a gray hair my head.  There is a part of me who really misses being young and pretty, but I sure as all get up wouldn’t trade young and pretty for all the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. The older I get the more I realize, my impact on this world will have so little to do with what I look like and all the good will come from what I do, say and type!!


Let’s build each other up!

Embrace who we are!

Encourage our friends to do the same!!

You can head over to our FB page and check out the live video I posted this weekend on this very topic!



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