Hen House Apparel: Children’s Clothes to Adore



Boutique children’s clothes. I’ll be honest and tell you, I’ve struggled with this.  Having a large family, the idea of spending $30 on a dress is difficult. 


As I kept seeing posts from friends with their children wearing Hen House apparel, I decided I had to check it out.  The clothes are adorable and I wanted to see if they were a good quality and worth the little extra money. 

I mean, look at these!!!



In short. I love these clothes, this mama and this business!! 

My top 5 Reasons to buy from Hen House apparel:

  • The clothing is handmade by a loving mama.
  • I suspect this mama is a hardcore perfectionist because these clothes are EXTREMELY well made. 
  • The fabric is modern and fun. 
  • Much of her product line can be worn by both boys and girls!  (You know I love this because my last 3 youngins’ are boy, girl, boy)
  • She’s fun and generous! When she goes live on her FB VIP page with promos and specials you don’t get sick of her.
  • The fabrics change often so her pieces all run for a limited time.  
  • Clothes are comfy and soft, but still stylish and adorable. (not like the scratch dresses of old!!)
  • Professionally made clothes made by a WAHM. 

The value is there!  When you buy product with Hen House apparel you are not only getting a stylishly clad child, but you are getting quality and the added satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a mother who is raising her tiny ones!!  

She has a cute story of her business conception too!!

Niki’s  friends were always placing orders with her,  but it wasn’t until she sold a bandana right off the back of her youngest son’s back that she realized she had a genuine market and Hen House Apparel was soon after born. 

And now check out this sweet mama and her adorable brand…

She just hit Tiny Trends Gift Guide for the holiday season!! Seriously get your orders in now! This mama makes her clothes by herself she is about to be in high demand!! (She’s #16)




Niki from Hen House Apparel is generously offering one of our lucky readers these adorable trouser leggings and a little clucker onesie in our New Mama Giveaway Package!!




And this TAG!!  I just want it my little’s butt! 

I’m telling you her products are quality.  I feel like you should see they come with special washing instructions. From a mama who LITERALLY  has 4 loads of laundry on the couch right now waiting to be fold, let me tell you, I don’t mind hand washing a few cute pieces and laying them out to dry. I think you know about my laundry struggles and how much I hate it too!! 


Are you thinking about what cute gifts these clothes would make? Good! Look how cute she packages them. Order it and when you get it, just toss it in a cute bag and stick that bad boy under the tree!


Giveaways are open and you will find Hen House Apparel and Trendy Mommy Designs in our New Mama Giveaway Package!! Don’t forget to like us on FB to stay up with all the giveaway details!! 

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