Homeschooling: Where to Start

i want home school, but where do i start 

Though I am only in my first year of homeschooling and blogging I find people are often looking for a single post on what to do if they’d like to start homeschooling.  There is so much information out there and sometimes the idea of “doing it wrong” makes people not want to venture into home education at all.  So, in my very minimal knowledge, based on only my own personal research, here is a very basic starting place and hopefully a few valuable resources.


Step 1:

Pray. Honestly, I think every Christian parent should home school.   I feel strongly we are letting the public school system raise our children, call it what you will, but 6 hours a day is a significant amount of time to allow someone else to influence your children from such a young age.  That being said, I’m not saying you should pray over whether to home school your children, but how to go about the process.  Now, I know I’ve ruffled some feathers, feel free to comment.  :) 

Step 2:

Pick an Educational Philosophy best suited for you and your family.

Step 3:

Choose a curriculum best suited for your philosophy

  • Talk to home school moms you respect, or at the very least whose kids act right  😉
  • There is fondness for Abeka and Sonlight if you like the idea of following a more traditional school format. Moms transitioning their children from public school seen to be particularly attached to these curriculum.  They also seem to suit the parents who have been teachers by profession.
  • My Father’s World is great if you have an overlapping of philosophies.  The curriculum is unit based with strong emphasis in Charlotte Mason’s habit training and science. This curriculum is also set up amazingly functional for educating multiple grade levels at once. I do have one friend who has rave reviews for this curriculum for her older children. She transitioned from a secular “charter” school education to My Father’s World and can not speak enough good words about the curriculum.
  • There are great online resources for pre-school/kindergarten curriculums too.  I love Confessions of a Homeschooler and she has a ton of  free printable resources, (very reasonable for all to purchase too)  for young children and what appear to be some awesome geography curriculum for both US and World Geography . We just aren’t quite there yet. Her website offers tons of encouragement and other resources I love too. Definitely check her out!!


Another Favorite, though I haven’t purchased myself yet…

We Choose Virtues: Great home school resource, but also good, if you just notice you really need to work on training your children’s character.  I think this is particularly wonderful for those parents who need to utilize the shorter amounts of time they have with their children due to being at school most of the day and having homework in the evening. 


I hope this gives you a good starting place. Please let us know if this post was helpful. For you more experienced home educating moms, please give us your wisdom!!!




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