I’m not giving up cookies for Christmas and I don’t care who knows it!!

cookies 2Exhausted, I stumble out of bed and into my workout clothes, compression socks, running shoes and contacts. It’s dark both inside and outside so I fumble to find a hair band.  I don’t dare turn on any lights in fear of waking up a child, but I DO brush my teeth because thankfully I have a new neighbor I will be meeting in my garage for our early morning workout. I would not be up before the sun if it weren’t for her accountability, but that is a post for another day…

We spend 20-30 minutes mimicking the woman on the television and then I prance upstairs in my accomplishment looking for coffee.

This morning I notice the beautifully wrapped cookies my neighbor brought over yesterday… full size platter for our family of 8…a blessing, but I feel guilty for wanting one with my black coffee.

Perhaps your facebook page is like mine, laden with women’s pictures of their sweaty post body workouts. There is often a sports bra wearing, perfect abs, woman in the background. Maybe you have loads of amazing women who post their healthy egg breakfasts they can manage to choke down without cheese.  Maybe you yourself have felt the guilt of not working out or indulging in…gasp… a Christmas cookie!!!

It’s December 11th…exactly 2 weeks until Christmas and there is food I LOVE this time of year. I love fudge and tamales and the neighbors elaborately decorated, amazing tasting, Christmas cookies.  I’m also still packing a good 15lbs from my last pregnancy.

So what is a girl to do…

Well, I’m going to eat the cookie, make the tamales and deliver the fudge!!!  For me, part of the tradition of Christmas is yummy food and I’m good with that. I will continue my workouts and enjoy my cookies in “moderation”. ( I know some of you don’t believe a frosted shortbread Christmas Tree with my black coffee for my post workout breakfast is considered moderation.)

But here I am to confess to you that for the rest of December I’m going to:

  • Continue my workouts
  • Drink enough water.


  • Eat the darn Christmas cookies if I want to!!!!

Enjoy your holidays. Bake cookies with your littles. For goodness sake, celebrate the birth of our Savior and if you should so desire, just eat the cookie!! Don’t laden it with guilt, but enjoy the blessings other desire to bestow upon you and your family!!

P.S. If you don’t have AMAZING neighbors who bring you cookies, then BE the amazing neighbor who delivers them!!!


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Nickole Perry
Hi! I’m Nickole (note the spelling. my mother did that.) I’m a domestically challenged wiper of bottoms and noses! I’m a coffee drinking, bacon eating mama who loves Jesus and has been pregnant or nursing (sometimes both) for the last 9 years!

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