Lula Roe Review |Ultimate Christmas Giveaway Series


You fit into 1 of 3 categories right now:

  1. LULAROE!!!! WAHOO!!
  2. Um…yes, that sounds familiar. (insert polite smile)
  3. How in the world do you pronounce that and why should I care. 




I’m mostly talking to you if you are a 2 or a 3 here. You number 1’s are already excited for your chance at FREE LULA ROE coming this week and that is why you are here!! 


Here is just part of why this company is awesome and why people are going crazy over these clothes!!




This is my favorite dress!! Now, for you newbies, don’t get caught up when you see a print you like. Remember they only make 1000 of any one design. It’s genius really because when you see it, if you love it, you MUST buy it!!  This little beauty has POCKETS!! Have you ever had a dress with pocket? I hadn’t and now I’m wondering why I don’t just live in these things. I’d seriously consider going all June Cleaver wearing just these  and aprons!! Thankfully I have tried the leggings (more on that later) so I won’t ONLY be wearing dresses! 


In full disclosure you should know, I also own 2 of these…They are like super fashionable baseball tee’s! I sport them with jeans or skirts and ALWAYS get compliments on them. They are probably the most flattering shirt this post baby body wears. The sizes run a little big, just so you know. 


O.K, O.K, so…since I used the term “full disclosure” I also have one of these:


one of these…


and…one of these…




And…I LOVE them all. I don’t when it happened, but one day all my go to outfits were LuLa Roe…but I never thought I’d wear the:







And it just so happens I wear these at the moment anyway… AND LET ME TELL YOU…They really do feel amazing and are just different than the pictures. They look so much better than I thought they would look on me. (Note: I recently discovered I do in fact, as do many women, fit into both size leggings.)



This is me…and my 7 year old lovin’ on me in them. They are amazing with boots, no doubt about that! 



Now, let me talk to you about one last thing…I was SKEPTICAL about spending $23 on a pair of leggings for my girls, BUT these things are invincible!!!  We have 2 pair and they are the only legging we own (We have had them for 2 years) that do not have any holes in them!!  So even if it seems pricey at first, the value is there! I’m definitely grabbing 2 more pairs for the girls for Christmas!  




And there you have it!!  This company rocks. Their clothes keep you in the loop of what’s cute and in! They are comfy and offer a great value for the price. I bought my first Lula Roe dress almost 3 years ago and it’s still going strong. It’s been worn a ton too even while I’ve fluctuated up and down while pregnant and then post baby twice!! 

Want to shop? It’s complicated!  haha!! Join Cyndee’s FB group and she will keep you posted on her inventory! You can check out her photo albums and they will be all categorized by style and size! It’s actually pretty convenient!

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