Mommy Coaching

Are you ready to stop dreaming about the mom you want to be and take steps toward actually becoming the mom you want to be?!?!

Let me encourage you to seek the scriptures to find the wisdom and joy God offers believers through Jesus Christ in all seasons of life and motherhood.
Christian Mommy Coaching is for you if:
  • photo500You are struggling to find joy in everyday life
  • You need practical tools to help you with everyday problems
  • You need help with time management
  • You are ready to break the cycle of everyday crabby and embrace all God has for you in this season of motherhood
  • Can’t find time to learn and study God’s word on your own
  • You long to be the mom you know God is calling you to be, but you don’t know where to start
  • You want to be a better wife and/or better mom
  • You want to learn how to go the Bible to fulfill your spiritual and emotional needs
  • You are unsure what realistic expectations for your day should be
  • You need encouragement from time to time
  • You are overwhelmed with the challenges of everyday life
  • You are struggling to remember or understand who you are in Christ
Any of these hit home? I want to use the Bible and all God’s wisdom to help!!
Niche Counseling – $199.00
  • I want to homeschool my children. Help!! Where do I start?
  • I’m unhappy with my life and marriage and I want to please God. What do I do now?
  • I’m heartbroken my husband is looking at other women and pornography. How do I handle this?
  • I’m a mom now and I still feel guilty about an abortion I had years ago. How do I forgive myself?
  • How do I deal with my children’s grandparents?! Finding God honoring resolutions to problems with your parents or in laws while still keeping your parenting integrity.
Each interactive workshop includes:
  • 6 Weeks of Video Modules
  • Printable Pdf’s to help you track your progress
  • 3 -30min Private counseling calls to help you personally
  • Unlimited email correspondence for 6 weeks
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We also offer more extensive study and coaching!
A Friend
  • 10 days of unlimited email communication to meet your specific goals and needs
  • Evaluation of attitude and scriptural application in life
  • An honest and unbiased biblical perspective
  • Emphasis on how to use scripture in everyday life
  • Primary goal is to learn which part of God’s Word to incorporate to grow in your walk with the Lord in specific areas of struggle.
A Virtual Kindred
  • 3 months of correspondence through email and social media.
  • 3- 45 min hour phone calls to offer personal encouragement (1 each month)
  • Overcoming years of past hurt or unresolved heartache
  • Multiple areas of struggle in your life to overcome
  • Though you may already have a strong biblical knowledge, I will help you have confidence in where the Bible stands on the heart of the issues you are dealing with in your daily life or this specific season.
A Season of Counseling
  • Gives you unlimited biblical counseling tools to and resources
  • Walk you through implementation of biblical truth as you watch the Lord transform your mind regardless of circumstances as a wife and mother.
  • In depth Bible study of how to handle life on a daily basis
  • How to overcome trials and temptations
  • Training in bringing every thought into the captivity of Christ.
  • We will expel and deceptions you have against the truth of God’s word
  • Equip you to lead and guide others down a path of biblical womanhood.
6 Months:  $1200 or $210/month
12 Months:  $2000 or $170/month

“Nickole is a natural at good parenting. And moreover, she prioritizes working and bettering herself to become the best, most Godly mother and wife (and person at large) that she can. She sets a great example for other women to witness. I know watching her is always an inspiration to me!”
~ Jennifer Acee Robinson, Lovely with a Side of Terrible

“Nickole Perry is such an amazing mentor when it comes to being a new mom. I met Nickole in the waiting room at Kaiser when I was 7 weeks pregnant. I was a first time mom and so nervous. From that day forward, she took me under her wing and reassured me while answering any questions I had about pregnancy. Nickole is a wonderful resource for new moms and seasoned moms alike.”
~ Sarah Ankerman,

“Nickole is the one person I know I can contact to get sound advice. She’s compassionate, and encouraging, but she won’t water down the truth of the bible for my emotions either. So I know she will give me sound biblical advice with the encouragement to handle my issues in a biblical way every time.”
~ Theresa Hemsath,

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