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You may remember my simple stance on fitness.  If not, check it out here.

Prior to having babies I had all the time in the world to exercise and did often because I loved it.  I could surf, play tennis, jog, swim or even belong to a gym!! And I did all those thing with joy, not even realizing how much I would covet those moments of peaceful, sweaty, exercise. With 7 children, including an infant and a 17 month old. Even with my triple jogger (es, they make those!)  I’d still have to have 4 children on bikes to go for a jog with all of them!!  CRAZINESS!!

My solution over the years has become Beachbody workouts and Shakeology.  Remember my Insanity Challenge?!  Ah, the days of having a TV in the garage and letting the children play outside…

PiYo is the workout I”m loving  (well, doing in the morning begrudgingly) post baby number 7!!

piyo-home-fitness-program8 Reasons I LOVE this workout!

  • I like Charlene. We go way back to my first baby: After my first child 8 years ago I bought Turbo Jam! I was nursing my firstborn on the couch in the middle of the night and all that was ever on was Turbo Jam infomercials. hahaha! Little did I know how Beachbody would become a part of my life. 
  • Great explanations: I don’t feel like I have to stare at the TV.  She tells me what I’m supposed to do and why and I can follow along with out feeling terribly awkward. Weak and chubby? Yes. Ackward? No.
  • It’s tough: I can tell I’m getting stronger, the workouts are challenging for me.  I like to know that even when I’m improving my workout can still be tough. I just have to push harder. 
  • Low Impact: There is not much jumping or high impact here which is great because I’m still struggling physically in a couple areas since my sweet baby boy joined us 2 months ago. 
  • Modifier: I LOVE her. She makes me feel like I’m not alone in the world. She is the go to if you can’t quite get done the real deal, but don’t want to quit!
  • In the comfort (or not so much) of my own home.\: You know I can’t get out!!  I need to be here to workout. My children are often working out beside me or talking to me, but I can at least stumble out of bed and push play.  You don’t even have to wear shoes!!
  • Mostly short workouts:  Let’s be honest. I have a 2 month old. I will not have an hour of time that will pass that I can workout.  These workouts average about 25 minutes.  Some days it takes me an hour and a half to get through them with all the feedings, fighting and breakfast issues, but I love the length of them. 
  • Variety: Since there are 9 different workouts, you don’t get bored. 


Now, let’s talk Beachbody “coaches”.


In my experience you have 3 different kinds:

  1. All about those sales. They love you, want to help you, but this is their business.
  2. The coach who does it for the discount and will help you if you ask.
  3. Coach, accountability partner, advocate!

I know and love a great many coaches who fall into one of these categories. They are all amazing women, in different seasons of life who will help you the way they see fit.

The sweet mama friend of mine who I’m going to hook you up wants to change your life. She wants to help you grow..err…shrink and walk you through overcoming any challenges in life.  She wants to be your friend, accountability partner and is determined to help you reach any goal you are will to work toward!!

Her name is Carmen and when you are ready ( or just today because you should) she wants to hear from you and set you on a path to a great new year! Email her!  carmeng121210@gmail.com

One last thing…Shakeology.

It’s expensive. Is it worth it?  

I believe so.   Shakeology not only gives me energy, but my blood sugar doesn’t crash like it does with other shakes and bars. I use it, not daily, but I use it regularly and I have found my quality of life better because of it.  It hedges my sweet tooth and is great when I’m in a hurry! I try to make a bag last 2 months to justify the cost because we are a 1 income family with 8 eaters! LOL!!   I’d suggest asking for a sample and giving it a try. I’m exclusively chocolate, but Carmen just gave me samples of strawberry and vanilla and they were both really yummy!   I can attest to the weight loss and energy increase.  Acts like a salad! hahaha!







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