Be A Better Wife Wednesday: Tell him with love

love“Okay”, I say as I walk away and tears are streaming down my face, but he doesn’t see them.  In an effort to avoid the gazillion questions children ask when they suspect you’ve been crying I go to my room to regain some composure and maybe wash my face.

My husband hurt my feelings.

Sitting here typing this I can’t remember exactly what he said,  but I know a few things:

  • My husband loves me.
  • He doesn’t hurt my feelings on purpose.
  • He may not have meant what he said the way I took it.

Now at this point (after your feelings have been hurt) you always have a few options…

  1. Give the silent treatment
  2. Be a total witch
  3. Let it go

If you’ve been here before you know I’m a “let it go” kinda lady, but there are occasions when, after a time of prayer and consideration, sharing with your husband that he hurt your feelings is really beneficial.

Last night, with my arms wrapped around the man I love, after I’d kissed him and told him he was so dreamy, I shared with him (quickly and sweetly)  how something he’d said really hurt my feelings the other night.   My words were soft and spoken with the love of a wife who wanted her husband to realize she loved him through hurt feelings.


He said, “I’m really sorry, honey. I shouldn’t have said that. It was stupid and I love you.”


It’s so much easier to let it go when there are sweet words of apology.

But what if he wasn’t sorry?

I expressed my feelings  with love and at a time when I wasn’t angry or hurt anymore.  I had given it to God and wanted my husband to know I loved him and I wanted to help him out by letting him know how to better love his wife.

Loving and Kind always wins out.  There are times to be quiet and time to speak. May you respect your husband in the way he needs today.

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Nickole Perry
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