My Favorite Things (Resources)

I created this page to help you weed through the many of products of life. There are so many amazing products out there. These are the ones I’ve loved best through 7 pregnancies, 8 years of parenting and 10+ years of marriage.

Some of these links are affiliate links, which means, should you decide to buy one of them, and do through a link on my site, my family gets to benefit a little bit from your choice! We appreciate it so much because it helps our family pay for little extras like soccer and family vacations. Thank you for your support!

Free Printables

Bedtime Routine

To Do List for Moms and Littles


Doula Services This is my doula who I highly recommend using if you are in the San Diego area, however if you are not check out her website so you can get an idea of what  a doula might do for you.

Body Pillow I just use a regular one like this, but the pregnancy ones look amazing too!!   They help so much though, especially if you are struggling with back pain, sciatica or are in your last trimester.

Maternity Clothes

Motherhood Store

Nursing Tanks  I adore these and have been wearing them for years.  You can wear anything over them and when you nurse your post baby belly doesn’t have to hang out.

Old Navy Maternity

Lavender Oil I only use DoTerra for Lavender and Peppermint oil because the smell and the quality is so good and need that when I’m pregnant.  For other oils I do use Eden’s Garden and recommend them also. They are far less expensive and seem to work the same.  I choose to support moms who have small businesses and so buy DoTerra from my doula.  These are her links, but if you have a friend who sells these oils, I strongly suggest you support her business!

Peppermint Oil

Diffuser  I use an older version of this one and it’s sufficient, but I’m sure there are better ones out there. This one works well for us and we love that it changes colors when the littles are sick.

Birkenstocks  I used to cry because my feet hurt so badly all the time.  After wearing these daily for a few months I had no foot pain whatsoever.

A Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy*  This book is hilarious and honest. It’s the whole truth and you will question your choice to have babies, but you will laugh out loud and feel prepared for the worst!!

New Baby

Top baby registry items:

Bath  This bath has held all of my children for their first bath. It’s cost effective and stands the test of time.

High chair This is the high chair we’ve used the last few years and prior to that we used an older hand me down version of the same one. We love it, but it’s not fancy.

Crib Buy a convertible crib.  You might not know if you are going to have another baby or not, but this one is great for function and/or tight spaces. We’ve had many different cribs over the years, but this one way by far, my favorite.

Pack n play Just go ahead and buy one for grandma’s house too.  This is a multiple child MUST have in my book.

Car seat/stroller You think you don’t want  a travel system, but you do. This system makes it so easy to go on outings with your little.

Ergo This is the one I have and have used for years because it’s what we could afford at the time. I bought it used.  If you can buy a better baby carrier, do it!!  Wearing your baby, changes your life!!

Moby Wrap I’ve really learned to love these with my newborns and infants, but it took me a while be brave enough to try one!!  It was actually a friend buying me a purple one for my first daughter that finally made me give it a go. It was just so pretty!!


New Mom:

Nipple cream I’m so sorry if you don’t know you are going to need this.  Your nipples will now be tortured beyond what I can explain.  This stuff will soothe your boobies!

Breastfeeding help


Rhonda Stoppe  Ok, so I have to disclose that I have a total friend/author/speaker crush on her!! She is amazing!

Doorposts Ministry This has great practical, biblical parenting resources.  We have loved and used many of their products over the years.

Home Education

Simply Charlotte Mason

Ambleside Online

Math U See

Burgess Animal Book

Burgess Bird Book

Burgess Animal Book Box Sets

Little House on the Prairie Series

A Child’s Garden of Verses

Nature Book

Bird Book  I have an older version of this book.

Healthy Living

Pregnancy Fitness

Fierce Extreme

Insta Pot  You will never know how you will love this until you have. It can replace many other small appliances in your home too! Great if you are downsizing.

Nutra Bullet This is so great for smoothies, protein shakes and mock ice cream. I use mine several times a week.

Shark Vacuum The first “new” vacuum I’ve ever owned and I adore it!!

Storage Containers We received this as a wedding gift and have used them probably everyday since.

Glass bowls After years, this is what I have boiled down to using most and liking best.

Cast Iron Skillet  I use for certain meals at home, but it’s also great for camping!

Christian Living

My Utmost for His Highest This is the least fluffy, most scriptural devotional I have ever read.  I’m not super into devotionals because I adore God’s words more than other peoples, HOWEVER, this book is AMAZING.

Counter Culture I actually won this book with a trivia question at a summer study at a different church than my own!!  It has been one of the most amazing, inspiring reads of my Christian life!

Right Now Media This is a leadership resource for anyone who serves in the church.  There are video series and children’s series to help you lead anything from your home growth group to a women’s study.  Categories are broken down by group and subject.

Dave Ramsey’s Resources  We use his principles, but have never actually taken his class. If you don’t tithe because you “can’t afford it” then this is for you.  Fight over money?  Not sure how to teach your children about money?  Go check them out.


Executive Journal I adore these because I’m a list person. I take a notes on webinars and such and use these until the book is full.   I know, it’s old fashioned, but it is the only organizational product I have found any success with since motherhood blessed my business mind.

Legal Shield: Prepaid legal services  This is a great way to get a will, start a business and have contracts reviews. Love this service and have always been glad to have them.






Website Development

Visual Composer



An Excellent Wife This is really the best of all the wife books I’ve read and I’ve read A TON of them.  She bases everything on the Bible with such little of her “opinion” and my heart for women to see the heart of God through being a godly wife is perfectly expressed in her writings.

Intimate Issues Many married, Christian women have a difficult time talking about sex. This is a great resource to study with others or to go through on your own.  Great content on women’s questions about sex answered from a biblical perspective.

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