Road Trip Prep Series: 6 Healthy Road Trip Tips

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For me most of the battle for making healthy choices comes in mental preparation.  If I don’t get mentally prepared then I sure won’t get actually prepared with what I need. I’m a terrible planner because I don’t think of things far in advance and then I don’t have time to do what needs to be done.  I’m just a go with the flow kind of lady, which isn’t a great way to achieve healthier eating habits on a month long road trip so, here is my mental preparation….These are my goals, but great tips for anyone!!

6 Healthy Road Trip Tips


  1. Make your breakfast count: Most hotels offer a decent continental breakfast these days. Skip the pancakes drenched in syrup and go with the higher protein items.  Choose eggs, yogurt, oatmeal or multigrain cereal. I vote to skip the juice too and save those calories!
  2. Bring an ice chest:  Shopping at grocery stores and keeping a well stocked ice chest will really help with cost and healthy eating.  Sandwich fixings, hummus, sliced veggies, whole fruit, yogurt, and string cheese are great items to stock up on for a long road trip.
  3. Skip the fast food:  I always feel so gross after eating fast food, why not just try to skip it all together as often as possible.  The ease and convenience can be quickly overcome with a better mindset about trip priorities. A little more time on the road or at a stop will be worth it to have for less moody and more healthy feeling children too!
  4. Eat at rest stops:  Pull out your ice chest and whip up some sandwiches while the littles run around in some grass or dirt.   Don’t forget to do some lunges or squats too while you are out of the car.  Maybe have a family race or relay to get everyone’s blood flowing and energy out before getting back in the car.
  5. Eat healthy snacks:  Simple, right?  But seriously, skip the chips and candy and sub out with fruit, veggies, trail mix and decent beef jerky.
  6. Make better dinner choices: It seems we generally eat out for dinner. Whether, it’s a drive through to make up for lost time or we sit down at a restaurant to stretch our legs, eating out is almost always the norm.  Choose something grilled and skip the fried food.  Eat extra greens and order a salad to fill you up before. Skip the dressing or choose  low calorie option. Hey, I’ll be honest, if I’ve been making good food choices all day I won’t even feel bad about a little blue cheese my salad at dinner!!

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Do you have any good road trips tips for me?  Please comment below. We need all the wise counsel we can get!!



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