Routine not Schedule, Park Days and my Favorite Family Bag




It seems these days, I wake up to noisy children. I’m sure someday I will miss the pitter patter of little feet, but today I’m tired.  Whether fighting,  loud role play, or just really loud trampling around, their noises are the first sounds I hear before I stumble out of bed toward the coffee. 

Blessed as I am, at least generally the first sight I behold is my 2 month old, who is apparently a cali kid already because he needs the body heat of his mama if it gets below 65 degrees in our house.   I can’t blame him. That’s about how I feel too!  Sometimes his sweet chubby hands are clutched tightly to my shirt. How can you be mad at the children who woke you up!?  Well, I manage. ..

How does it look after this crabby mommy is up out of bed, you ask.  Let me share a couple tidbits with you!

  1. We have a routine, not a schedule. 

There is coffee and bible for mommy.  A to do list on most days and a quick glance at the informal lesson plan I have drawn up for my own accountability. 

2. We educate at home

We generally finish our core work before lunch and occasionally save a literature reading for the yard after we eat.  Some days I just need to get out and get to the park.  Which brings me to how the heck I manage to get to the park with all these children. 


I mean…

If you take the children to the park you need:

  • Snacks: I don’t always take snacks, but I’ve found it makes for a much longer enjoyable time at the park, practice or basically anything we are going to for more than an hour!
  • Water: We drink a TON of water! There are so many bottles.
  • Sweatshirts: It’s less than 70 degrees so someone ( I have no idea which one) is going to ask for a sweatshirt.
  • Pacifiers: 2 different sizes for 2 different children, but don’t fuss at me about it because I also have 3 children sucking their fingers!
  • Shoes: 6 children that require shoes and my own. That is 14 shoes we need on or feet before we get out the door.
  • A blanky for that 3 year old who still wants his blanky: Any child of mine who has sucked fingers or thumb has had a blanky. 
  • To have brushed your own teeth and maybe hair
  • To load 7 children into the “van”.
  • All the children to be awake and dressed

Some days it feels like more trouble than it’s worth.  It’s going to sound a bit crazy, but you know the one thing I do to help me so I can get out of house quickly anytime I want?  I keep this “park” bag (we use it for almost all outings, even soccer practice) ready to go. 

My organizing utility tote (mine is the old kind with no zipper) sits in the laundry room and in about 5 minutes time I can have the bag filled with snacks, waters, sweatshirts and whatever else I need for the specific day.  If we are homeschooling then we add our books and nature journals! 

It’s simple, right? I know, but if it works, then do it!  If you have trouble getting out of the house because you are overwhelmed with things you “might” need when you get somewhere, then get this bag!!!

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