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As I opened my eyes I beheld the sweet boy who had nursed all through night. Through my exhausted, crusty eyes, I saw he had not only rolled on his side, but had clenched his fat hands to his mama’s nursing tank top.  Oh the joys of nourishing your child that you never even thought to long for.

I have nourished 7 of my own children with my breastmilk and helped to sustain another child once too.  My husband confessed to me once, he was a little jealous he would never really know what it felt like for someone to genuinely be dependent on him the way our babies do when they are newborns. I don’t think he wants breasts or anything, but he noticed!

Breast milk is awesome and occasionally HI-larious!!

You can TOTALLY shoot breastmilk!  I don’t mean JUST at your unruly husband when he’s trying to get frisky, but you can totally shoot breastmilk into your babies eyes and heal pink eye!! The stuff is really liquid gold. I’ve actually thawed breastmilk out and put it into my older children’s eyes when they had pink eye. I called it “antibodies”  so they wouldn’t freak out.  It’s even true!!

I could go on about how my 4 year old thinks she’s a lactation consultant and is always asking to “help” me by holding my breast while I feed my baby. Or we could discuss little girls who walk around with a babydoll pushed up against their nipple.


These are stories sweet and funny but they are just quick versions of my own stories. 

 There is a wonderful woman who blogs over at Serenity Grows who has created a book FULL of women’s heartfelt and amazing breastfeeding stories.

Supported in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Women is a tribute to motherhood!!

breastfeeding-hardcover-front-transparentIn a season of life where I don’t get much time to read, I’m picky about what goes in front of my eyes. In fact, to be brutally honest, I was a little skeptical about this book, but wanted to give it a chance.

Thankfully I read through the pages of this gem of book! This compilation of stories from women across the country is nothing short of precious!!

I enjoyed:

  • Being able to read short stories because that’s all I really have time for. 
  • The different writing styles
  • Genuineness from the writers
  • Camaraderie from other mothers
  • Being trusted with reading intimate details of other mother’s lives

For encouragement in any stage of motherhood, this is a good read. 


Don’t’ forget to head over to Serenity Grows FB page to stay up with her sweet, mothering blog!

Happy Mothering!!



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