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My 7 Favorite Charlotte Mason Resources| Home education

  My children are captivated.  The silence and motionlessness confirms any doubt I had about whether this book was a good, “living” book.  As they strain to hear every word, they see me, their mother, pacing the living room in excitement, baby strapped to me, enjoying our literature just as much as they are.   This, my friends, is Charlotte Mason Education.   Racing from our car…er…I mean huge white van, my children dash into the trees. They know this trail and their boundaries.  I’m walking as I strap my 4 month old to my body to catch up to…

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Charlotte Mason | Curriculum: First Grade

We decided to home educate year around because of my husband’s awesome schedule, so we take our breaks at odd times and start our “year’s” at odd times.  We just started our first grade work with my oldest son who recently turned 6.  I know this is not a completely Charlotte Mason attitude, but it works for us because we go at our own pace. We are only a few short weeks into our “school” year, but so far I’m loving our choices. Simply Charlotte Mason is our main resource for choosing curriculum though I have also enjoyed Ambleside Online…

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10 Tuesday | 10 Things I Learned from my First Year in Home Education

  We ventured into the world of home education this year with my 5 year old. We chose a faith based Kindergarten curriculum, one which came highly recommended by some very trusted friends.  Thursday we will have our “official” last day of school and as I look back at the last 9 months I’m amazed at all the clichés that are really true. Along with watching my oldest son blossom into a lover of reading, math, maps and science, I’ve noticed my own character growth in areas too.   10 Things I Learned from my First Year in Home Education:…

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Be A Better Mom Monday |Overcoming Objections to Home Education | Negating Home School Stereotypes

This isn’t your typical Be A Better Mom Monday post, but since it is still mommy related, I decided to go with it today. Thankfully my dear friend Jennifer can share differing opinions with no animosity. Because I knew the opinion about Christians being responsible for the education of their children shared in a recent post might be taken with distain I asked her to give us the low down on why she will choose not to home school.  Interestingly, her reply offered too many misconceptions for me not to respond. Here are a few homeschooling objections/misconceptions, I’d like be…

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Homeschooling: Where to Start

  Though I am only in my first year of homeschooling and blogging I find people are often looking for a single post on what to do if they’d like to start homeschooling.  There is so much information out there and sometimes the idea of “doing it wrong” makes people not want to venture into home education at all.  So, in my very minimal knowledge, based on only my own personal research, here is a very basic starting place and hopefully a few valuable resources.   Step 1: Pray. Honestly, I think every Christian parent should home school.   I feel…

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Be a Better Mom Monday |40 Days of Prayer | Day 29: Their Education

My children’s education is important to me, not because I want them to grow up and have great jobs, but because I know the value of knowledge and wisdom in making life choices. Because we have chosen to home school, occasionally I let myself get overwhelmed with the idea the weight of their success as human beings is on my shoulders. We are not only parenting but educating them which is not widely acceptable in our culture today. What a huge responsibility!!! I will never be able to accuse the public school system of ruining my child.  😉 Seriously though,…

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