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Gray Hair, Body Image and Not Wasting Your Life.

  I’m sure you recently saw the viral video of the You Tuber over at The Stay at Home Chef.  If you have not seen her video about the comment she received on her blog, then please watch it here, first, BUT don’t get all caught up in the yummy food yet, COME BACK!! Ok…did you watch it? Now, let’s chat! EWWWW…People are mean!! Don’t be mean. The older I get the more I understand the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all!”   I have not always been kind with my…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday | Book Study: The Excellent Wife (Chapter 8)

A SAHM’s domain is her home. Any wife really, home is her thing.  There is the ol’  “But is it the woman’s responsibility” argument, which if you are a Christian I will not entertain because of the scriptural support (Mainly Titus 2 and 1Tim 5)  and if you aren’t then I will just leave that for you to hash out with your husband. I’m going to move forward in this post acknowledging a few truths: A wife should take care of her home We are not to be lazy. We are not to be “too busy”. If you have run…

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