A Thanksgiving Prayer (From a Mother with an Infant)

happy-thanksgivingA Thanksgiving Prayer (For some reason it came out in a poem! LOL!)


Even if you didn’t get to sleep in, may your energy level be high. 

Focus on smells of turkey, not poop because the days are flying by. 

Before we know it, we’ll be alone in the bathroom (no fingers peeking under the door) and awaiting our children to come home. 

And perhaps one thanksgiving home they will not be, because off in the world they will rome. 

When your baby is crying, just breath, shush and bounce.

Help us not worry about the state of our house. 

Let our children feel the love, not annoyance. 

May our hearts, minds and words be consistently joyous. 

So today fill your glasses with cider and butter those rolls guilt free. 

Our God has blessed us with children, may we be as thankful as thankful can be!!


I love you, mama tribe, and I’m thankful for you!!!!


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being such a faithful following!

As my THANK YOU TO YOU I have some special treats for you ladies before the year is through!!

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