The Pantry- Day 2


The Pantry

In preparation for attempting to eat vegan for the next 60 days, I cleaned out the cupboards. Our family is also eliminating most processed foods, white flour and white sugar. I’m still up in the air as whether to give up brown sugar. What is the scoop on it? I’m sure it’s bad for us too since I love it in my oats!! 

Embarrassed as I am to admit this, our cupboards and refrigerator were down to almost nothing when I emptied them of all meat, dairy and processed food. I also threw away some rotten lettuce and cilantro. BUMMER! I could have really used that this week. 

 Cereal Gone! What? Where did that box of Girl Scout cookies come from? Gone! Confession: this was difficult for me. I wanted to sit down with a big cup of coffee and eat my whole box of Samoa Girl Scout cookies all by myself. I didn’t. There will be no canned soup for last minute easy casseroles. How am I going to get through 2 months of not making quesadillas for the kids? 

I should take this opportunity to tell you I have 4 children under the age of 5.  Meals in our house are often thrown together. Bean and cheese burritos and quesadillas are “go to” meals in this season of life.  Because I don’t completely buy into (yet) the idea all animals and byproducts are bad for you I’m not going to be strict with my kids. If we are somewhere and dinner is pizza I will jealously watch them eat. Obviously, pizza is not great for you however I would hate for them to become vitamin B12 deficient so a little pepperoni and cheese on occasion will probably be good for them in that respect. 

Since my husband looked weary with the contents of our cupboards in paper bags on the counter, I thought it best to get my list together and go shopping.   




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