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Although I’ve heard wonderful things about this product, I’ve yet to personally try it myself, because baby #6 is ON THE WAY!!  (Remember me announcing Baby #5 and the crazy birth story?) I committed to the giveaway before I knew I was pregnant and this isn’t a product you if you are pregnant!!

Since I do have a generous offer to raffle some It Works product here is a testimony from a woman who loved it!

“I ordered the wraps from her and I got a free one for becoming a loyal customer. Brittany came over and showed me how to use the wrap and gave me some helpful pointers. LIke don’t use lotion on your tummy or any other places that you would put the wrap. I cleaned my tummy with Witch Hazel and then wore the wrap for 45 minutes. My waist measurement went from 37 to 36 in that time and then all the way to 33 the next morning. I did make sure I drank plenty of water as well. I also use the carb blockers and the toning gel.”  Erica Krebs


A picture tells a thousand words…here are a few!!!

it works before and after

it works greens drink

These are on my list to try to get rid of water weight post partum.  To me its like a modern version of corsets!!  🙂

To Give it a try Go Order some here!!

Brittney even has a special promotion going on until Christmas you can be a part of too…

“From now until Christmas, everyone who becomes my loyal customer will receive a free gift and will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket that retails for $230. Every person you recommend who becomes a loyal customer or distributor between now and Christmas will also get you an entry. Anyone who becomes a distributor during this time will receive a free gift and will become eligible for a $100 bonus.  PLUS People who become customers or refer people who become customers will be entered into a drawing to win a basket of products worth about $250!!!



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7 replies on “It Works Giveaway |Body Wraps |Healthy Living

  1. I have tried these wraps before and they really do work! I like using them when I am not pregnant or nursing. I would love to have some on hand for when I am ready to use them again! I will need it after this twin pregnancy for sure!

  2. I have been curious about these for a few months now. I would love to try them out to see how well they work before I buy some. Thank you both for the chance 🙂

  3. My family is going on a cruise in January, and I would love to try this wrap to give me the confidence I need to be in a swim suit.

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